InstantHP chip

I own a 1998 Audi A4 Quattro 5spd. Now before I connected the chip my car would get up an go but sluggish on the low to mid range but once I hit high range 4-5k rpm that’s where most of the power was. Now I connected the chip to my obd plug an ran it for a week. First thing I notice is my low an mid range has improve significantly in all gears for example I can be cruising at 40-50 in 4th-5th gear at 2500 rpm an step on the gas an you can feel it take off alot faster an smoother. Now I do not have access to a Dyno at this time to see if it actually gave me more hp or torque but I can say it definitely woke my car up from being a slug. I would recommend it to someone that wants there powerband back an not sluggish.

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