Great Product

I was skeptical at first when I first saw the email but they lured me in and I bought it. I’ve been running it in my 2017 Nissan Sentra Nismo for 4 days now and I have not regretted buying it at all. Instantly I have seen an improvement all across the board. Before my car was quick and when you shifted it didn’t have the oomph that some other manual cars have. However, after 4 days you can feel the difference when shifting in my car. The torque coming out of 1st gear puts you into the back of the seat real quick. I have also done a couple trials and have seen a couple tenths of a second shaved off of my 0-60 time which is a lot for a car that does it under 7. Super easy to install and sleek design make it an all around necessity for gear heads. But the icing on the cake is that I have gained an extra .5 miles per gallon. You may say that’s not a lot, but for a daily driver like mine and how aggressive I drive it is huge improvement that will save me a ton of money. Would definitely recommend this product to those looking for something like this.

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